Abrasive blasting


It consists in treating the surface with a stream of compressed air and glass microspheres, after their application, depending on the substrate, the surface is unified and takes on a slightly shiny finish. Removes light scratches and surface scratches. Recommendations for machining aluminum, brass, bronze and delicate metal parts where we care about non-invasive surface cleaning. In our factory, we use this method to clean the bolts before the galvanizing process. It works very well in cleaning stainless steel.


This is another method of abrasive blasting using a variation of soda as a special material. It has quite a narrow application. Works well in situations where we want to remove, for example, varnish dirt etc. Without changing the roughness of the substrate.

Shot blasting:

The most common method of removing rust, paint, impurities from steel surfaces. As a material, we use sharp-edged steel shots of various granulation.

In our plant, for the sake of health protection and on the basis of applicable regulations, we do not use sand as abrasive, which due to the breakdown into small fractions is the cause of lung cancer (sand contains free silica which is deposited in the lungs).